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What others are saying

  I originally first learned about Ramli and his work from reading his fantastic blog posts, http://ramlijohn.com/. He has now become a friend and a trusted colleague, one of the people in my inner circle of Lean Startup advisers I look to when I need perspective.


- Kevin Dewalt

Startup founder (4x), investor(~20 deals), and advisor (a lot).

  Ramli was incredibly insightful. I approach him with the question of “when to do enough customer development”. He walk me through the logic of creating a hypothesis, how to test it, and a different ways to get your idea validated.


- New Svasti-Xuto

CEO, baankanomsuay.com

  Ramli is very helpful when it comes to validating new ideas. Within a 15 minute conversation he had given me several different ways that would allow me to validate my idea, and potentially make money while doing it.


- Brandon Vlaar

Student entrepreneur