I help SaaS companies acquire, convert and retain more paying customers.

SaaS Customer Acquisition, Conversion and Retention

  • "Ramli helped identify new avenues to pursue as we work to launch our new product."
    Dave Ramos Dave Ramos - New York
  • "Ramli provided amazing advice that was completely new to me. He understood the position I was in and give me useful and practical steps I could take."
    Marlon Misra Marlon Misra - Product Manager at The Climate Corporation
  • "Ramli was very useful in helping me evaluate the alternatives that bring the most learning opportunities about the customer with the least effort. I definitely recommend talking with Ramli."
    Renato Almeida Renato Almeida - Product Manager at Ultimate Software
  • "Ramli was superb at understanding where I am with my business and gave some excellent advice and tips on next steps."
    Sharif Sharif Bouktila - CEO at Sapro Solutions / Edinburg, Ireland
  • "Ramli provided a lot of useful and encouraging feedback, and also gave direct advice on what to do next for my company."
    Denis Denis Gorbachev - CEO at Spire
  • "Ramli was super friendly and passionate about discussing my startup, MusicBox. He asked insightful questions and offered advice that we'll literally start using today."
    Dave Dave Marcello - Co-founder and CEO at MusicBox
  • "Ramli helped me talk through some challenges I was having at my fast-growing company and identified key areas to focus on."
    Lana Lingbo Lana Lingbo - Marketing Director at Teikametrics
  • "Within a 15 minute conversation he had given me several different ways that would allow me to validate my idea and make money while doing it."
    Brandon Vlaar Brandon Vlaar - Co-founder at Lending Loop
  • "Ramli was very helpful in providing advice regarding user acquisition."
    Yishi YishiFounder at Wikispective
  • "After weeks of thought and brain-storming we needed an objective yet professional mindset to help us with our growth problems; Ramli did that perfectly."
    Ittay Ittay Hayut - Co-founder at Hoopo
  • "Ramli provided excellent marketing insights. It is clear that he is talented and knowledgeable marketer."
    Jordan Brown Jordan Brown - Founding Partner at MedPilot Inc.
  • "Ramli offered and delivered great suggestions on how to acquire new users."
    Anand Patel Anand Patel - Founder and CEO at InterviewDrill
  • "Ramli was very helpful in helping me to focus on the right channels and provided some insightful advice."
    Toavina Toavina Andriamanerasoa - COO and Founder at HighSkillPro.com
  • "Ramli was very helpful in giving advice about the best strategy to grow my startup idea."
    Wilbert Wilbert Liu - Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • "Ramli offered some excellent advise on making my startup leaner in the early phases. He was very enthusiastic, helpful and inspirational. I highly recommend talking with this guy!"
    James Barnby James Barnby -

Ramli John

I help SaaS companies accelerate and scale their MRR.


You need more quality traffic to your website. Or maybe you have traffic, but they’re not signing up for a free trial or a demo. I can help you with your acquisition strategy.



You have users who sign up for free trials or request a demo, but they’re not turning into customers. I can help convert more free trial users and demos into customers.


You have paying customers. But after spending so much on marketing and sales, the customers you have nurtured and converted are churning. I can help you retain more paying customers.


Acquire More Leads

Maybe you’re looking for more quality traffic to your website and landing pages. Or maybe you do have quality traffic but it’s not turning into demos, and free trial signups like you need it to.

How I can help with lead and demand generation:

  • Building a content creation and distribution strategy
  • Creating landing pages for gated content downloads and free trials
  • Launching and optimizing paid ads to drive quality traffic to your website
  • A/B testing and conversion optimization for your website and landing pages

Convert More Free Trials and Leads Into Customers

Users are signing up for your free trial. But you have a huge drop off between free trial signups and active free trial users. Your free trial to customer conversion is even worse.

How I can help get more paying customers:

  • Implementing a customer success strategy and plan
  • Crafting onboarding emails (behaviour based or a set workflow)
  • Optimizing and A/B testing your onboarding process

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Retain Paying Customers and Reduce Churn

Congrats! You’ve got paying customers.
One problem – they stop paying after a few months. Churn is killing your cash flow. What’s the point of spending a lot on your marketing and sales to acquire a customer, and then lose them after a few months?

How I can help reduce your churn and turn your customers into evangelist:

  • Executing and organizing instructional webinars
  • Crafting an email series to communicate your product’s value and improvements
  • Building a customer success strategy and plan

Why Hire Me?

  • I get results — I’ve generated $4.8MM in the inbound sales pipeline for a B2B SaaS client after leading a four-person marketing team to run a marketing partnership webinar series.

  • I have a software developer background —I have a BMath Comp Sci from University of Waterloo. I’m comfortable working with HTML, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, PHP and more. So, whipping together a landing page is a piece of cake for me.

  • I know your business, customers, and competitors — I’ve led marketing teams for VC-funded B2B SaaS company in San Francisco, New York, and Toronto. I’ve spent thousands of hours reading, writing and talking about SaaS.

  • I’m all about data and analytics — I used to be the marketing systems analyst for PepsiCo, managing and creating analytics systems for billion dollar products.

  • I know the tools you’re using – I’m certified in Hubspot, Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

Analytics Certified      Inbound     Adwords Certified

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I only write at most 1 post per week to make it REALLY good. With the infrequency of my posts, you will likely miss them unless you join my newsletter